U.S. Strategic Interests in the Arctic: An Assessment of Current Challenges and New Opportunities for Cooperation

The effects of climate change in the Arctic Circle have the potential to transform the region into a commercial hub, raising environmental concerns and other complex challenges having direct implications for U.S. national security.

This report identifies the most pressing U.S. interests in the Arctic region, describes the U.S. current policy and engagement in the region, analyzes the current Arctic institutional construct and its relevance to future challenges, assesses the diplomatic and security postures of the other Arctic littoral states, and provides both short- and long-term recommendations for future U.S. policy in the Arctic.

Publication Date: April 2010

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • Heather A. Conley
  • Jamie Kraut

Related Organizations:

  • Center for Strategic and International Studies


  • Energy
  • Land management and conservation
  • National security

Resource Category:

Resource Types:

  • Legal Analysis
  • Policy analysis/recommendations


  • Air temperature
  • Economic
  • Permafrost melt
  • Water temperatures

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