Urban Climate Adaptation - From Risk Barriers to Results - Managing the Social, Political, Environmental and Financial Risks of Urban Infrastructure: A Resource Guide for Local Leaders

The Urban Climate Adaptation Resource Guide represents a synthesis of information selected for the local leaders participating in the Institute for Sustainable Communities Climate Leadership Academy on Urban Climate Adaptation and Infrastructure, held in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2013. The Resource Guide is designed to help practitioners in cities and metropolitan areas resolve local challenges related to climate adaptation and urban resilience, by showcasing promising practices and by providing efficient access to some of the very best information and resources available.

The guide includes case studies that discuss how various local government practitioners in the U.S. have made progress on climate adaptation planning and managed the associated social, political, financial and environmental challenges.

Resource lists that direct practitioners toward the topic-specific sources of information - including studies, reports, articles, and websites - are provided as well. 

The case studies showcase the following practices:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania moves beyond conventional stormwater management methods in an innovative shift toward green infrastructure.

Chicago, Illinois incorporates adaptation measures into its Climate Action Plan by building effective community partnerships.

Louisiana explores social, political and environmental issues to save its coastal lands.

Denver, Colorado and the US Forest Service partner in this effort to monetize “ecosystem services.”

Sustainable city and community planning in Sarasota County, Florida; Santa Monica, California; and Kansas City, Missouri.

Adaptation planning for a changing climate in Keene, New Hampshire.

Santa Fe, New Mexico adopts green building policies. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota has made protecting its existing parks and open spaces and creating new green spaces a priority in its sustainability plan.

In Carbondale, Colorado, climate change planning has proven to be a successful community-building strategy, bringing residents together and getting them involved in their community. 

Cambridge, Massachusetts has benefited from strong public participation in developing its climate action plan.


The Institute for Sustainable Communities - Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy (SCLA) program was a series of intensive, peer-learning and training workshops that advance, accelerate, and scale-up urban climate and sustainability solutions.

This SCLA workshop was held in Jakarta, Indonesia August 13-15, 2013. The workshop explored the best practices, challenges and opportunities associated with collaboration on climate action at the regional scale.



Publication Date: August 2013

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