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The US-Netherlands Connection Project (USNC) is a knowledge exchange program between the U.S. and the Netherlands. Administered by Florida Earth Foundation, USNC brings delegates of professionals in academia, industry, government and nonprofits to the Netherlands to explore Dutch expertise in water management and infrastructure, especially as it relates to sea-level rise adaptation and resilience. The goal of the project is to create a unique collaboration between the country of the Netherlands and the State of Florida and the U.S., that will identify and prioritize climate-driven water challenges common to both of these areas (and many other places globally) and, over time, combine collective knowledge, assets and capabilities to jointly define, develop, test and deploy solutions to these challenges.

As described further on the website, the USNC Professional Program offers on-site education and engagement with other adaptation professionals: 

  • Through Florida Earth's extensive network in the Netherlands, team members have the opportunity to not only visit the world’s most advanced water infrastructure and management sites, especially as they relate to coastal adaptation and resilience, but also to connect and engage the engineers, administrators and operators that built those sites.
  • Team members are a part of a group that has a mission of collaboration with other members of the team from all over the world.
  • Team members utilize the time with those facing similar challenges to compare notes and improvise common solutions they can bring back.
  • Although there is tremendous value in seeing solutions to coastal challenges firsthand, an even greater value is gained by learning the Dutch processes of planning, stakeholder engagement and governance, which is very different than that utilized in the United States.


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