Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Climate Change Adaptation Framework

This report from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) addresses climate change impacts on four natural resource sectors including wildlife, fisheries, forestry, and water resources.  After detailing climate impacts on each sector, a strategic climate adaptation framework is proposed for continued climate change vulnerability assessment and action planning.

This report presents the groundwork for the adaptation framework by addressing climate change exposures, vulnerability-specific elements within each of the natural resource sectors, as well as ongoing actions and proposed recommendations to prepare for climate change. 

Vulnerability assessments were conducted to identify which habitats or species are likely to be most strongly affected by projected climatic changes and to understand why these resources are likely to be vulnerable. The habitat assessments focused on four major habitat groups including: upland forests, wetlands, rivers, and lakes.

Specific adaptive actions were cataloged during a climate change adaptation workshop. These steps represent individual strategies that can move ANR towards a comprehensive adaptation plan. During the workshop it was found that many of the actions needed to adapt to climate change are strongly aligned with actions needed and already initiated to reduce various types of pollution in Vermont’s watersheds.

Publication Date: May 31, 2013

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