Vermont Flood Ready Atlas

The Vermont Flood Ready Atlas is an online mapping tool that offers community to watershed level data and visualizes the risk of localized flooding in Vermont. The Atlas identifies local watersheds and provides a view of the extent of natural flood protection provided by Vermont’s forests, wetlands, floodplains and river corridors.

About half of the flood hazard data in Vermont has been officially digitized - all of which is available on the Atlas. The user can view maps within the tool for a community or with a specific address, and build on layers of data including flood hazards, river corridors and more. Flood Ready Map Layers include:

  • National Flood Insurance Program - participation
  • Local Emergency Operations Plans - current status
  • Making it Happen - what Vermonters around the state are doing to become flood ready
  • Flood Hazard Mapping - the kind of flood data available now
  • Watershed Boundaries - the area uphill that collects water
  • Regional Planning Commissions - and member communities

Effective Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) data is available also on the Atlas - found under Watershed Protection Layers. This data includes Special Flood Hazard Areas, Floodways, Cross-Sections, and Panels.

Expanded Community Reports have been developed with more information on the specifics of flood hazard map available in each municipality, and the applicable Emergency Relief and Assistance funds or programs available. 



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