Voluntary Guidance for States to Incorporate Climate Change into State Wildlife Action Plans & Other Management Plans

This document provides voluntary guidance that can be used by state fish and wildlife agencies to better incorporate current and expected impacts of climate change into Wildlife Action Plans. The report presents steps for developing a wildlife adaptation strategy, the process for revising state Wildlife Action Plans, and tools to support the planning and implementation process, including vulnerability assessments and monitoring. Relevant case studies are included in each chapter.

While all states were required to update their Wildlife Action Plans by 2015, Congress had considered legislation to require all states to create a climate change adaptation strategy and incorporate that strategy into their Wildlife Action Plans. This document is intended to help states in that effort.

A 2012 report from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Teaming With Wildlife Committee - Best Practices for State Wildlife Action Plans - Voluntary Guidance to States for Revision and Implementation builds on this 2009 version with updated guidance and replicable best practices. While not focused on climate impacts like this guidance, the threat of climate change is given special consideration.  

Publication Date: November 2009

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