Water Research Foundation Climate Change Knowledge Portal

The Water Research Foundation has developed a website of “Knowledge Portals” on various topics relating to water resources and water utilities management - including climate change. The portal includes publications by the Foundation on climate impacts, vulnerability assessments, adaptation and mitigation in the water sector, and communication resources.

Each topic area includes Fact Sheets that provide an overview - for example how to begin the impact assessment process, or how utilities can communicate their climate adaptation measures with customers. 

Subscribed members can access an Executive Toolkit which includes full reports in each area (Climate Impacts, Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation, Mitigation and Communication) as well as a related resource media library. 

Regarding climate adaptation, the website focuses on how to incorporate climate change into water utility planning and how to implement adaptation strategies. The Fact Sheet reviews decision support planning method options to employ in adaptation planning including:

  • classic decision analysis (probability based)
  • traditional scenario planning (scenario based)
  • robust decision-making (computer simulation based)
  • real options (financial based)
  • portfolio planning (future market scenario based

The climate communication portal is designed to support water utilities that are developing climate adaptive programs and projects. Utilities need to communicate with their customers - and the following key findings on communication are articulated further in the related reports. 

  • Effective communication is essential for stakeholder support of climate-related mitigation and adaptation strategies and projects
  • Every utility requires the development of a unique message to build support for their climate change actions
  • Talking about climate change will be an ongoing conversation to generate support through future decades 


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