Wetland Program Development Grants

Regional Wetland Program Development Grants assist State, Tribal, and local government agencies, as well as interstate/intertribal entities in building programs which protect, manage, and restore wetlands. The primary focus of the grants are to build state and tribal wetland programs. A secondary focus is to build local (e.g. county or municipal) programs.

The EPA has identified the following four Core Elements to improve the ability for states, tribes, and local governments to protect and restore their wetlands: (1) monitoring and assessments; (2) voluntary restoration and protection measures; (3) regulatory approaches, including CWA 401 certification; and (4) wetland-specific water quality standards.

The grants are intended to encourage comprehensive wetlands program development by promoting the coordination and acceleration of research, investigations, experiments, training, demonstrations, surveys, and studies relating to the causes, effects, extent, prevention, reduction, and elimination of water pollution.

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