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Environmental Health Coalition

Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) is dedicated to achieving environmental and social justice in the San Diego/Tijuana region of California. Through leadership development, organizing, and advocacy, EHC empowers residents to achieve public policies that improve the health of children, families, neighborhoods and the natural environment.




New York City Environmental Justice Alliance (NYC-EJA)

Founded in 1991, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance (NYC-EJA) is a non-profit, city-wide membership network linking grassroots organizations from low-income neighborhoods and communities of color in their struggle for environmental justice. NYC-EJA empowers its member organizations to advocate for improved environmental conditions and against inequitable environmental burdens by the coordination of campaigns designed to inform city and state policies. NYC-EJA is led by the community-based organizations that it serves, which coalesce around specific common issues that threaten the ability for low-income communities of color to thrive.




People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo)

PUSH Buffalo is a local membership-based community organization fighting to make affordable housing a reality on Buffalo’s West Side. The mission of PUSH Buffalo is to mobilize residents to create strong neighborhoods with quality affordable housing, expand local hiring opportunities, and advance economic justice. PUSH Buffalo's strategies include decreasing the rate of housing abandonment through redevelopment; leading direct action campaigns; creating a replicable  model of grassroots neighborhood organizing; and managing social enterprises.




Puget Sound Sage

Puget Sound Sage is an organization led by majority women of color that seeks to improve the lives of all families, with a focus on serving the interests of low-income people, communities of color, immigrants, and refugees in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. In particular, Puget Sound Sage advocates for policy change at the local and regional level in Seattle, South King County, and North Pierce County. Puget Sound Sage combines strategic research, policy analysis, community organizing, and coalition-building to advance racial equity, stronger democracy, good jobs, a.




Rooted in Resilience

Rooted in Resilience, formerly called Bay Localize, seeks to confront the socio-economic challenges of climate instability by empowering communities to organize for basic human rights through flexible tools, models, and policies that strengthen their communities. Rooted in Resilience is committed to uplifting the voices and leadership of youth, low-income communities, communities of color, and indigenous communities.




The Geneva Association

Established in 1973, The Geneva Association, officially the “International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics”, is the leading international insurance think tank for strategically important insurance and risk management issues. The Geneva Association identifies fundamental trends and strategic issues where insurance plays a substantial role or which influence the insurance sector. Along with the development of research programs, regular publications and the organization of international meetings, The Geneva Association is the leading voice of the largest insurance groups worldwide in the dialogue with international institutions.





Founded in 1966, the United Puerto Rican Organization of Sunset Park (UPROSE) is Brooklyn's oldest Latino community-based organization. An intergenerational, multi-racial, nationally recognized community organization, UPROSE promotes sustainability and resiliency in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood through community organizing, education, indigenous and youth leadership development, and cultural/artistic expression. UPROSE advocates to ensure meaningful community engagement, participatory community planning practices, and sustainable development with justice and governmental accountability.




Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center (EPA)

The EPA's Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center provides financial advice to communities for planning, design, and construction decisions related to water utility infrastructure. Founded in January, 2015, the Center seeks to promote effective use of federal funding programs and innovative procurement and partnership strategies, among other goals. The center supports a government-wide effort to increase infrastructure investment and promote economic growth.




We Mean Business Coalition

We Mean Business is a coalition of organizations working with thousands of the world’s most influential businesses. These businesses recognize that the transition to a low carbon economy is the way to secure sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all. To accelerate this transition, We Mean Business has formed a common platform to amplify the business voice, catalyze bold climate action by all, and promote smart policy frameworks.