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Alba Polonkey

Sustainability Manager at Sustainable Sandhills



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Cumberland County, North Carolina, Climate Resiliency Plan

February 2016

The Cumberland County Climate Resiliency Plan outlines the priority climate impacts the County faces, observed and projected climate trends, and a Strategic Action Plan. The report presents existing climate and non-climate related conditions of concern; four climate risks that are currently serious threats to the County including heat waves, severe weather events, heavy precipitation events, and prolonged droughts; and the priority impacts associated with each climate risk. In 2015, the Model Forest Policy Program, the Cumberland River Compact, and Sustainable Sandhills worked together to facilitate a climate adaptation planning process and develop this Climate Resiliency Plan for Cumberland County, North Carolina.

Related Organizations: Model Forest Policy Program, Cumberland River Compact, Cumberland County, North Carolina

Author or Affiliated User: Alba Polonkey

Resource Category: Planning


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