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Building Gulf Coast Resilience - Lessons from the Hurricane Sandy Recovery

August 1, 2018

This report on Hurricane Sandy Recovery is part of a series of case studies that the Georgetown Climate Center developed to inform efforts to implement innovative restoration projects in the Gulf Coast region after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The synthesis report, Building Gulf Coast Resilience: Opportunities After Deep Water Horizon, and accompanying case studies present lessons for improving coordination among state and federal decisionmakers, expediting environmental review and permitting, and accounting for climate impacts in the design and management of restoration projects.

Related Organizations: Georgetown Climate Center

Author or Affiliated User: Jessica Grannis

Resource Category: Solutions


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Higher Standards: Opportunities for Enhancing Flood Resilience in the Eastern Shore of Maryland

January 2019

Georgetown Climate Center (GCC) prepared this report to help the Eastern Shore Climate Adaptation Partnership (ESCAP) identify strategies for adapting to increasing sea-level rise and flood risk in the Eastern Shore region of Maryland. This publication is a part of a series of reports assessing the sea-level rise vulnerability of communities in Maryland's Eastern Shore, as well as potential adaptation responses. ESCAP worked with the Eastern Shore Regional GIS cooperative to assess sea-level rise vulnerabilities in the six counties and two municipalities that participate in ESCAP.

Related Organizations: Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Georgetown Climate Center

Authors or Affiliated Users: Jessica Grannis, Katie Spidalieri, Jennifer Li

Resource Category: Law and Governance


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