Jennifer de Mooy

Jennifer de Mooy

Climate Adaptation Project Manager at State of Delaware



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USDA Northeast Climate Hub virtual demonstration project "As If You Were There"


The USDA Northeast Climate Hub created a virtual tour of climate adaptation and mitigation practices on farm and forest lands across the northeast region of the U. S.  This virtual demonstration project features interactive 360 degree photography and videos, allowing users to “embark on virtual field tours to visit and consider the experiences of others who are adapting to a changing climate - all from their own computer or mobile devices. ” The purpose is to combine technology with educational storytelling to engage more people in decision-making on adaptation.

Related Organizations: USDA Northeast Climate Hub

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Climate Framework for Delaware

March 2, 2015

The Climate Framework for Delaware, released by Governor Jack Markell on March 2, 2015, details the state’s plans for reducing carbon pollution and preparing for the future impacts of climate change. Summarizing the recommendations from the three workgroups formed under Delaware Executive Order 41- Mitigation, Adaptation, and Flood Avoidance - the Framework describes the actions that state agencies have already taken to mitigate emissions and adapt to impacts, and outlines recommendations for future actions on both fronts.

Related Organizations: State of Delaware

Author or Affiliated User: Jennifer de Mooy

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Delaware Climate Change Impact Assessment

March 2014

The Delaware Climate Change Impact Assessment is a comprehensive statewide report produced by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Division of Energy and Climate. The report includes a summary of past climate trends and future climate projections for Delaware, and a synthesis of the best available climate science that describes current and future impacts of temperature, precipitation, and sea level rise. The climate change impacts are detailed for five key sectors including public health, water resources, agriculture, wildlife and ecosystems, and infrastructure.

Related Organizations: Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)

Author or Affiliated User: Jennifer de Mooy

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