Julie Wormser

Julie Wormser

Deputy Director at Mystic River Watershed Association

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Designing with Water: Creative Solutions from Around the Globe

August 1, 2014

Developed by The Boston Harbor Association (TBHA) and Sasaki Associates, this report focuses on urban design solutions to sea level rise resulting from climate change. Designing with Water provides Boston-relevant case studies and innovative designs for city planners and developers to adapt to flooding and enhance urban resiliency. The report is the second in the Preparing for the Rising Tides series, which the TBHA first released in 2013, assessing the neighborhood-level sea level rise flooding risk to Boston.

Related Organizations: The Boston Harbor Assocation

Author or Affiliated User: Julie Wormser

Resource Category: Solutions


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Preparing for the Rising Tide (Boston, Massachusetts)

February 5, 2013

From The Boston Harbor Association (TBHA), this report outlines climate change impacts and vulnerabilities of the Boston coastline, and provides recommendations for preparation, resiliency, and adaptation for the public and private sector. The report includes an overview of predicted climate impacts in New England, an analysis of Boston's preparedness for climate change, an assessment of Boston's vulnerability to coastal flooding and sea-level rise, and two site-specific vulnerability assessments and adaptation strategies.

Related Organizations: The Boston Harbor Assocation

Authors or Affiliated Users: Dr. Ellen Douglas, Paul Kirshen, Julie Wormser, Vivien Li, Chris Watson

Resource Category: Assessments


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