2015 Preliminary Report and Recommendations from the Hawaii Climate Change and Health Working Group

The Hawaiʻi Climate Change and Health Working Group was initially convened in 2015 to help the State consider and plan for the impacts of climate change on population-based human health and well-being. The Working Group has developed some preliminary findings and recommendations for policy maker consideration, which are provided in this report.

It opens with an introduction to climate change affects in Hawaiʻi, the Pacific, and globally; and the specific impacts that climate change is anticipated to have on Hawaiʻi health.  As described further in the report, the potential health-related impacts that can be intensified by climate change include respiratory and cardiac problems, heat-related morbidity and mortality, cancer risks, mental health related impacts, vector, food and water borne diseases and nutritional/food and water security issues.

Three priority focal areas were chosen by the working group, and actionable recommendations are provided in Chapter 3, for each of these priority conclusions:

1. A major focus for health should be on comprehensive and coordinated adaptation strategies by Hawaiʻi’s public health system and related services, engaging scientists/researchers, planners, and policymakers to support our populations’ adaptation to changing environmental challenges and conditions.

2. The Hawai’i State Department of Health should have increased dedicated fiscal and personnel resources to lead efforts addressing development of climate change and health issues

3. Protections against both infectious and chronic climate-associated disease threats should be strengthened.


Publication Date: December 2015

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