Adapt Virginia (AdaptVA)

Adapt Virginia ("AdaptVA") is a web portal designed to provide climate information, data, and tools tailored for Virginia users, including local governments, emergency managers, state agencies, and home and business owners, among others. The portal includes data, tools, case studies, example plans, laws and policies to help Virginia decisionmakers adapt to rising seas and other impacts of climate change. 

The portal includes resources organized in five categories:

  • Forecasts - including short-term forecasts of water levels using tide gauge and storm surge models to predict water levels, and longer term forecasts and maps of sea-level rise scenarios for Virginia under low, intermediate, and extreme scenarios out to 2100 based upon projections from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • Adaptations - including case studies and story maps of adaptation efforts in the state and in other places relevant to Virginia. Adaptation techniques covered include living shorelines, infrastructure modifications, planning and zoning changes (such as setbacks, building elevation requirements, overlay districts, and rolling easements), and funding and financial incentives.
  • Tools - including tools to help decisionmakers assess flood risk and shoreline change. It also includes the AdaptVA Interactive Map viewer that provides physical, ecological, social, and management information in a "one-stop-shop" viewer for decisionmakers. For example, information about census tracks with socioeconomic vulnerability to future sea-level rise can be identified using the viewer. 
  • Maps and Data - users can also download geographic data on sea-level rise, flood risk, and other climate effects from a variety of providers. 
  • Planning and Policy - including example plans, local codes, opportunities to earn points under the Community Rating System (a voluntary sub-program of the National Flood Insurance Program where communities can earn insurance discounts by adopting better floodplain management practices), and legal analyses and links to state enabling legislation. 

The portal was created by the Virginia Center for Coastal Management at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, the Virginia Coastal Policy Center at William and Mary Law School, the William and Mary Public Policy Program, and Wetlands Watch.   

Publication Date: 2017

Related Organizations:

  • Wetlands Watch
  • Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)
  • College of William and Mary


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