Adaptation: An Issue Brief for Business

From the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, this publication provides an overview of adaptation from a business perspective. It describes potential impacts of climate change, risks and opportunities for business, and why business should consider adaptation planning and measures. The report also summarizes intergovernmental efforts to promote adaptation in vulnerable regions and highlights areas in which business could have a role in promoting adaptation, both at community and global levels.

The document describes climate change impacts, including identification of the most vulnerable regions, ecosystems, and sectors (e.g. human health, water resources, agriculture). The document also offers information about adaptation funding sources, including the UN Adaptation Fund.    

One chapter, entitled "Business risks and opportunities resulting from climate impacts", analyzes the revenue-generating opportunities and general risks for businesses in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture, fishing and forestry
  • Energy and utilities
  • Water
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Logistics/distribution and transport
  • Industry/manufacturing


According to the brief, the key drivers of adaptation and potential rewards include: competitive advantage, cost savings, liability management, investor pressure, regulation and community resilience. Adaptation action can generate tangible short- and long-term benefits for business operations, as well as yield benefits for local communities.




Publication Date: July 2008

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  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development


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