Adapting to Climate Change: An Introduction for Canadian Municipalities

This report provides an overview of climate change impacts in Canada, and explores adaptation options to address it at the local level. The resource provides information, tools, and case studies to help municipal decision-makers and staff understand the need for climate change adaptation and how to implement adaptation measures.

The report summarizes regional climate impacts and details the ‘key ingredients’ for successful adaptation planning. These include vulnerability assessment, risk management, identifying synergies, utilizing climate change scenarios, building awareness, and collaborating with climate specialists. Several adaptation tools and guide books, which can help municipalities integrate adaptation into new and existing plans, are listed and briefly summarized.

Case studies are included to illustrate how communities are starting to address climate change adaptation. Each study outlines the impact being addressed, the catalyst for creating a plan, the plan development process, the measures adopted, next steps and lessons learned. These eleven cases span a wide range of municipalities in size of the community and climate impacts being addressed, making the studies useful for a variety of local decision makers. 




Publication Date: 2010

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  • Gregory R.A. Richardson

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  • Natural Resources Canada


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  • Best practice
  • Case study


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