Adapting to Climate Change: Public Health

This issue brief shares results from a climate adaptation research project conducted by Resources for the Future (RFF). The report describes the projected health consequences of climate change impacts, and offers strategies to mitigate some of these adverse effects on public health. 

The primary impacts assessed include:

- increased exposure to extremes of heat and cold (heat stress, hypothermia)

- altered patterns of infectious diseases;

- worsening allergic diseases (asthma and hay fever);

- increased risk of morbidity and premature mortality;

- and the indirect or secondary consequences from climate change - such as challenges in accessing safe water, as well as food security and supply, leading to dehydration, disease, and malnutrition.


The report emphasizes the importance of developing effective surveillance and warning systems, particularly to address the impacts of extreme heat and poor air quality,  along with programs to reduce the consequences of thermal stress. 




Publication Date: June 2009

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  • Jonathan M. Samet

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  • Assessment


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