Alaska - Climate Change Action Plan Recommendations to the Governor

The Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team was implemented by Alaska Administrative Order 289 in 2017 to create climate change policy recommendations and a climate action plan for Alaska. The Leadership Team was responsible for identifying climate change priorities, goals, and metrics, and to recommend any needed statutory or regulatory changes. Going forward, the team will monitor implementation of the plan and be responsible for updating it as needed, and for reporting annually to the Governor. The Climate Action Plan recommendations address renewable energy; human and environmental health; risk communication and planning; community engagement and resilience; economic opportunities and investments in social equity.

Six broad goals were established, along with strategies and actions that Alaska can take to achieve these goals:

1. Communities and Partnerships: Strengthen community resilience and sustainability, local and State governance, State agency capacity, and collaboration and action between State agencies and with local and regional entities and municipal and tribal governments.

2. Human and Ecosystem Health: Work to better understand and address environmental and ecosystem changes, and their effect on human health and well-being.

3. Economic Opportunity: Invest in, partner with, and encourage private sector diversification, and the growth of Alaska’s adaptation and mitigation services, clean energy, and blue economy.

4. Clean Energy: Maximize the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as part of carbon-neutral economic growth.

5. Outreach and Education: Expand climate and environmental science, natural resource, and energy education, awareness, and workforce development.

6. Investment: Develop and implement equitable funding mechanisms for the State’s climate change strategy.

For example, within the first goal for Communities and Partnerships, the following strategies are prescribed:

1.1 Support local and regional entities and municipal and tribal governments in their efforts to plan for and address climate change impacts.

1.2 Support research and data gathering and engage local and regional entities and municipal and tribal governments in community risk monitoring, assessment, and planning.

1.3 Strengthen existing and further implement effective, efficient systems for community adaptation and relocation.

1.4 Commit to long-term, strategic State leadership on climate change issues, including immediate action, mainstreaming climate change within existing State activities, national and international partnerships, and implementation and continued evaluation of the Climate Action Plan.

The Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development; the Dept. of Environmental Conservation; the Dept. of Fish and Game; the Dept. of Natural Resources; the Alaska Energy Authority; and the University of Alaska; as well as the Secretariat, the Institute of the North are all on the Leadership Team that developed the recommended climate policies and action plan. 


Publication Date: September 26, 2018

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