Alaska's IAWG 2009 Final Report: Recommendations to the Governor's Sub-Cabinet on Climate Change

Alaska's Immediate Action Workgroup (IAWG) of the Governor’s Executive Subcabinet on Climate Change was formed in 2007 to make and prioritize annual recommendations to address impacts to the state's communities from climate change. The Workgroup released its first report in 2008, addressing known climate threats to communities caused by coastal erosion, thawing permafrost, flooding, and fires. The climate impacts are assessed and recommendations are made for each of the Alaskan communities of Kivalina, Koyukuk, Newtok, Shaktoolik, Shismaref, and Unalakleet. 

This is the second annual report to the Climate Change Sub-Cabinet, and contains  recommended actions for implementation in 2009-2010. The report builds upon the recommendations and actions taken as a result of the 2008 report to the Sub-Cabinet.

IAWG developed a "Recipe for Success" to guide the adaptation process:

Step 1: Begin by developing a collaborative organizational structure that can focus the combined capabilities of local, regional, state, and federal stakeholders on the problems at hand.

Step 2: Discuss the nature and extent of the potential climate change impacts and create an applied approach to addressing significant impacts, as described in Step 3.

Step 3: Identify the communities at risk, timeframe, and the true needs to address climate change impacts. Develop a methodology for prioritization of needs based on the risk to lives, health, infrastructure, homes, businesses, subsistence harvests, significant cultural attributes, and the quality of life.

Step 4: Develop measures that meet the stated needs and combine those measures into alternative plans for comparison.

Publication Date: March 2009


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