An Analysis of NJ Climate Adaptation Alliance Coastal Recommendations Relative to Recent Programs and Legislation for Climate Adaptation in Delaware, Maryland, and New York

This analysis from the NJ Climate Adaptation Alliance (NJCAA) identifies adaptation programs and policies of states in the Mid-Atlantic region with an emphasis on coastal resources and risks. The report compares enacted legislative and administrative changes to agency programs in order to account for coastal impacts from climate change - that are consistent with one or more of the individual recommendations proposed by the NJCAA in Preparing New Jersey for Climate Change: Policy Considerations from the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance.

Legislation, executive actions and proposals from Maryland, Delaware, and New York are reviewed, each of which incorporate climate change into law in their respective states to address coastal impacts, including:


Two tables cross examine the NJCAA recommendations with the other Mid-Atlantic states’ programs:

Table 3: Descriptions of NJCAA Recommendations Reconciled with DE, MD, NY Programs/Proposals

Table 4: Summary of NJCAA Recommendations Applied or Proposed by Mid-Atlantic States

The report further analyzes the application of legislation and programs across the region by summarizing which:

  • Establish of Commissions and Advisory Panels to create common research and tools for guidance and risk assessment across agencies
  • Consider flooding and sea level rise in future development of coastal areas
  • Incorporate climate risk and adaptation concepts into ongoing agency operations and long-term planning
  • Focus on state investments and funding
  • Prioritize land acquisition and preservation of open space
  • Encourage the use of natural systems and green infrastructure




Publication Date: July 2014

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