Arkansas Governor's Commission on Global Warming - Final Report

The Final Report of the Arkansas Governor's Commission on Global Warming (GCGW) provides a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast, recommended emission reduction goals, and advice for state and local governments on measures to address climate change.

The Plan focuses mainly on climate change mitigation. The Plan analyzes the following sectors, describing key challenges facing each and offering the Commission's policy recommendations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Energy Supply Sector
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors
  • Transportation and Land Use Sectors
  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Waste Management Sectors

The GCGW recommended 54 policy actions. Explanations of objections are in Appendices F through J to this report, which contain detailed accounts of the GCGW’s recommendations.

In addition to sectoral policy recommendations on mitigation, cross-cutting issues are addressed including one recommendation on adaptation, (CC-9) Adaptation and Vulnerability:

The GCGW recommends establishing the Arkansas Climate Change Center for collecting and analyzing data to monitor the effects of climate change on Arkansas, using the data to develop a plan to manage the projected impacts of climate change on Arkansas and reducing the Arkansas’ contribution to GHGs. Along with existing local, state, and federal agencies, the Arkansas Climate Change Center will help to address the impact of climate change. The impact issues would include identifying the climate change risks to humans (e.g., factors that could contribute to disease); water resources (e.g., risk factors that could cause flooding, drought, pollution of waterways); temperature-sensitive populations (e.g., factors that could place immunocompromised individuals at even greater health risks); and ecosystems (e.g., animals and plants that may be affected by changes in their environment).




Publication Date: October 2008

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  • Arkansas Governor's Commission on Global Warming


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