Buying Time: A User's Manual for Building Resistance and Resilience to Climate Change in Natural Systems

Designed by the World Wildlife Fund for natural resource managers who are ready to confront the impacts of climate change, this manual brings together assessments and initial adaptation strategies for various ecosystems. Written by experts, and with 200+ pages, this manual introduces practical ideas to increase the resiliency of ecosystems and protected areas in response to the threat of climate change.

The following biomes, or ecosystems, are addressed: grassland, forest, alpine/mountain, arctic, temperate marine, tropical marine, and freshwater. For each, impacts from present and future climate change, as well as stressors and vulnerabilities due to factors other than climate change, are discussed. In addition, each provide adaptation options. Chapters vary, but most discuss selecting specific adaptation strategies and taking action (policy, implementation), and provide case studies of implemented adaptations.

Two additional chapters are also included: "Ecological and Socio-economic Benefits of Protected Areas in Dealing with Climate Change," and "Regional Biodiversity Impact Assessments for Climate Change: A Guide for Protected Area Managers."

Publication Date: August 2003

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  • Assessment
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