California AB 2516: Planning for Sea Level Rise Database

CA A.B. 2516 directs the creation of a Planning for Sea Level Rise Database by the California Natural Resources Agency in collaboration with the Ocean Protection Council, to describe the steps being taken throughout the state to prepare for, and adapt to, sea level rise. This bill requires the database to be created by January 1, 2016, updated biannually, and posted online.  

The bill requires a number of other state government departments, commissions, and local planning agencies to file any reports they have generated on risks from sea level rise, as well as any planned defenses, by July 1, 2015, and, beginning January 1, 2016, on a biannual basis thereafter. The various public agencies and private entities will provide their sea level rise plans, vulnerability assessments, scientific findings, inundation maps and related information to the Natural Resources Agency.

The agency is required to determine which information is necessary for inclusion in the database and to organize the database by geographic region and provide an entry for each city, county, and city and county within the coastal zone and San Francisco Bay area – and to produce the database by the start of 2016.
Assemblyman Richard Gordon (D), author of AB 2516, leads the Assembly Select Committee on Sea Level Rise and the California Economy that held four hearings on the impacts and risks of sea level rise which determined there is “a paucity of communication about adaptation in the state.” The committee published a report, ‘Sea-Level Rise: a Slow-Moving Emergency,’ detailing its findings - with the better coordination of sea level rise planning among the report’s many recommendations.

Publication Date: September 21, 2014

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