Cities Preparing for Climate Change: A Study of Six Urban Regions

To continue adaptation efforts for Toronto and provide support to other Canadian cities and municipalities, the Clean Air Partnership made site visits to six municipalities that, at the time, were considered “early adopters” or “early responders” on adaptation and prepared this report on the lessons for other cities from their experiences. The study provides lessons from the experience of six cities that have developed adaptation plans including London, New York, Boston, Halifax, Vancouver, and Seattle.

The report outlines a systematic process for municipalities to adapt to a changing climate and provides many examples of municipal adaptation policies and specific adaptation measures from the cities studied. It contains useful information for local planners on engaging stakeholders and decision makers, conducting impact assessments, identifying adaptation options, formulating adaptation policies, and incorporating adaptation into city projects. A number of specific lessons for different parts of the adaptation process are outlined throughout the report, while a concluding section provides more general concepts about supports for and barriers to the process as a whole.



Publication Date: May 2007

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  • Eva Ligeti
  • Jennifer Penney
  • Ireen Wieditz

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  • The Clean Air Partnership
  • City of Toronto; Ontario, Canada


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  • Planning guides

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