City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin All Hazards Mitigation Plan

In 2012, this All Hazard Mitigation Plan was adopted by the City of Milwaukee in compliance with requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Although the plan does not have in-depth treatment of climate change, it does acknowledge that future planning should utilize estimates of how climate change will effect precipitation in the region (at p. 63).  

Additionally, the plan is a good example of how cities can consider green infrastructure approaches for managing changes in precipitation in hazard mitigation plans. Stormwater management is included as an element of managing flood hazards in the Milwaukee plan, and several green infrastructure projects are listed as hazard mitigation strategies relevant to the stormwater management element of the plan, in addition to more traditional stormwater management strategies. Green infrastructure projects include the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) Green Seams program that is designed to protect and restore floodlands and has funded several projects to restore urban streams and rivers (at p. 131).  Hazard Mitigation Grant program money is identified in the plan as a potential funding source.

The plan was developed by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission and Milwaukee Public Works Department.

Publication Date: June 2012

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