Climate Adaptation Priorities for the Western States: Scoping Report

The Western Governors Association's Climate Adaptation Work Group's first task was to develop this scoping report in an effort to identify state and regional priorities for planning and adapting to a changing climate. Three specific goals were identified for further discussion: 1) foster coordination on adaptation activities, particularly between state and federal efforts; 2) identify key science needs for Western states; and 3) begin to share smart practices among states. This report focuses on priority actions that could help states adequately plan for and improve resiliency to a changing climate.

Specifically, the report is organized around three sections. The first section, "Smart Practices," calls for states to begin their adaptation planning efforts. It encourages them to focus on existing planning processes, expertise, and capacity that they can leverage that will enable them to get moving on planning and preparedness efforts. Climate Science needs are outlined, focusing largely on gaps and the federal government's role in enabling state planning efforts. Finally, the report discusses the prospects of federal climate change legislation, makes recommendations for the inclusion of adaptation, and defines principles supporting and respecting state efforts and state rights.

Publication Date: June 2010

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