Climate Change Action Plan for the Florida Reef System 2010 - 2015

A product of The Nature Conservancy's Florida Reef Resilience Program (FRRP), this action plan was developed by reef managers, scientists and reef users from across South Florida as a guide for better coordination of reef management across local, state, and federal jurisdictions. It serves as a more detailed, Florida-specific companion to the climate change goals and objectives in the report “NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program Goals & Objectives 2010-2015” (NOAA CRCP 2009). 

This resource was featured in the March 11, 2016, ASAP Newsletter.

"The multi-stakeholder Climate Change Action Plan for the Florida Reef System 2010-2015 was evaluated in the last year of its implementation period by an enterprising graduate student from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The resulting white paper is titled The Climate Around Climate Change on Florida’s Reefs: In Action or Inaction?"

This action plan was compiled with the intention of helping coral reef systems to combat the stresses associated with climate change, thereby giving them the best chance to adapt. The plan suggests a holistic approach across the geographic range of Florida’s coral habitats, given the inevitability of warmer, more acidic oceans and rising sea levels, while focusing on ecosystem resilience. Policy, governance, and planning recommendations are designed to accomplish three main goals: increase resilience through active management, enhance communication and awareness, and conduct targeted research.

Publication Date: June 2010

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