Climate Change and Land Use in Florida: Interdependencies and Opportunities

This report outlines the components of a sample state climate action plan as they relate to land use, including mitigation and adaptation options. The plan addresses enhanced resiliency to climate impacts related to land use in Florida, and the development of the capacity to participate in carbon markets and support economic development of the state. Climate projections for Florida are detailed, with specific attention to drought and the related impacts on agriculture, sea-level rise, and hurricanes. The paper includes projections of Florida's land use, and the overall land use change effects on regional climate. A review of the state's contribution to GHGs is followed by the role of Florida's agriculture, forests and wetlands in climate mitigation.

The Critical Lands/Water Identification Project (CLIP) - a comprehensive inventory of Florida’s lands and waters developed by the state's Century Commission - is presented as well.  The relevance of this project is described in terms of potential for climate adaptation planning. 

This report details the extent to which land use and climate change in Florida are deterministically linked issues. With its burgeoning growth, Florida stands at a crossroads with respect to its options for climate mitigation and adaptation. Failure to develop and implement appropriate plans for proactive adaptation could cost billions in lost revenue, while endangering the health and wellbeing of our children, grandchildren and beyond. Alternatively, tremendous opportunity exists for economic development through land management for climate mitigation and participation in carbon markets. Proactive adaptation can confer resilience to managed and natural ecosystems, while creating jobs and opportunities for enhancing the wellbeing of Floridians. 


Publication Date: June 30, 2007

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  • Stephen Mulkey

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  • University of Florida
  • Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida


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