Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise in Florida: An Update of the Effects of Climate Change on Florida's Ocean and Coastal Resources

In 2009, the Florida Oceans and Coastal Council (FOCC) published a report entitled 'The Effects of Climate Change on Florida’s Ocean and Coastal Resources.'  That report focused on what was known, and was possible concerning climate-change effects on the state’s ocean and coastal resources. This report updates and expands a section addressing sea level rise in the 2009 report. This update involved contributions by 5 Council members, 12 contributing authors, and 11 external reviewers whose technical contributions were based principally on literature published by August 2010.

This report addresses sea level rise and its effects for barrier islands, including beaches and inlets; estuaries, tidal rivers, and coastal forests; and coastal communities, including infrastructure, water supply and waste-water treatment, beach erosion and renourishment, coastal planning, and flooding risks. To distinguish the confidence associated with predictions made on sea level rise impacts, each statement is categorized in terms of what is currently known, what is probable, and what is possible. “Probable” means that an effect is highly likely to occur in the future, whereas “possible” means that it may occur but that predicted impacts must be carefully qualified to reflect the level of certainty. Brief recommendations for sea level rise priorities for Florida's future ocean and coastal research are also provided.

Publication Date: December 2010

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