Climate Change and the Future of Biodiversity in Washington

This report, prepared for the State of Washington Biodiversity Council in 2007, provides an overview of recent and projected future climate impacts on the physical and biological systems of Washington. It also summarizes the state of knowledge about potential methods for addressing climate change in future planning efforts.

The physical impacts section discusses hydrology, fire, and sea-level rise.  The potential climate impacts on biodiversity are described and differentiated by ecological systems as well as by taxonomic groups. Recommendations are also detailed for conserving biodiversity, mitigation efforts, and research needs such as the need for a thorough vulnerability assessment and targeting monitoring efforts.

In a section titled "Action Plan for Addressing Climate Change," a 7-step process is provided that addresses the need for a network of protected lands that anticipate a changing climate. These steps are intended to be integrated into the conservation planning process.

Publication Date: 2007

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  • Joshua J. Lawler
  • Molly Mathias

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  • University of Washington
  • State of Washington


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  • Assessment

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