Climate Change Impacts on Water Management and Irrigated Agriculture in the Yakima River Basin, Washington, USA

Utilizing a multi-model ensemble approach of downscaled climate model projections, hydrologic modeling, and water management models, this report presents results for changes in reservoir levels and snow pack in the Yakima River basin and resulting impacts to irrigated agriculture in the basin. The paper presents the analysis of  hydrological conditions and how climate change is projected to impact water supply for water users with junior water rights and - in the extreme years - users with senior water rights throughout the basin. The study also investigated how these shifts in reservoir system performance impact economic crop value by application of crop models to projected irrigation water releases for future climate scenarios.


Publication Date: 2009

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • Julie A. Vano
  • Michael Scott
  • Nathalie Voisin
  • Claudio O. Stockle
  • Alan F. Hamlet
  • Kristian E. B. Mickelson
  • Marketa McGuire Elsner
  • Dennis P. Lettenmaier

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  • Assessment
  • Case study
  • Climate science

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