Climate Change in Coastal Florida: Economic Impacts of Sea Level Rise

Based on a study conducted by Florida State University in 2008, this publication synthesizes the analysis and  findings associated with sea-level rise and associated impacts to six counties along Florida's Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Key findings include more frequent storm surge events, increased storm damages, larger areas at risk for inundation, and more coastal property in harm's way.  The value of land at risk is presented in a summarized chart for three Florida counties (Dade, Duval, and Escambia County) using IPCC’s sea level rise scenarios (in 2005$). Sea-level rise estimates by FSU are more conservative that IPCC findings, and use a projection from current trends instead of global climate modeling outputs.

To see the full modeling and assessment report, see Climate Change in Coastal Areas in Florida: Sea Level Rise Estimation and Economic Analysis to Year 2080.

Publication Date: September 2008

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