Climate Forest Vegetation Simulator (Climate-FVS)

The Climate Extension to the Forest Vegetation Simulator (Climate-FVS) provides forest managers a tool for considering the effects of climate change on forested ecosystems.

This tool is used to predict tree growth and mortality with the addition of a programmable climate change component that does not assume consistent conditions over time. The Climate-FVS program can help land managers come up with plans that can aid in successful regeneration of forests that are negatively impacted by these changes.

(Climate-FVS) simulates the effects of climate change by modifying (rather than replacing) the growth, mortality, and regeneration components found in the basic version if the Forest Vegetation Simulator. This allows users to access the features of the basic version of FVS, and in addition model the effects of changing climate conditions on carbon stocks.

This tool can require a significant amount of input, but it can yield strong results on growth, yield, and regeneration.


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Publication Date: 2010

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  • Modeling tool

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  • Air temperature
  • Precipitation changes

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