Climate Ready Estuaries 2010 Progress Report

This report details progress made in the Climate Ready Estuaries (CRE) program during 2010. CRE, in partnership with the National Estuaries Program (NEP), is helping estuaries assess their vulnerability to climate change impacts, engage stakeholders and develop monitoring and adaptation plans. Together with the 2009 CRE Progress Report, these reports provide a summary on the design and accomplishments of CRE to date, as well as next steps.

The report summarizes major accomplishments of the CRE program administration, such as workshops conducted and assistance provided, and of the CRE Partners. The CRE Partners were involved in a variety of projects in 2010, including those related to assessing climate vulnerability, engaging stakeholders, developing climate indicators and monitoring plans, and planning for climate adaptation.

Selected partner accomplishments are highlighted in the report, including detailed descriptions of vulnerability assessments, stakeholder engagement projects, climate change indicators and monitoring strategies, and adaptation planning. Lessons learned from these efforts are listed; select lessons include: the efficacy of resource-focused vulnerability assessments, the need to focus on local issues to build support for adaptation, and building adaptation planning into other planning efforts to ensure it becomes part of routine public activities.


Climate Ready Estuaries is a partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Estuary Programs developed in 2008 to build capacity among coastal managers to improve the resilience of coastal areas to climate impacts. The program provides tools and assistance to NEPs and coastal communities to assess climate change variability, engage and educate stakeholders, develop and implement adaptation strategies, and share lessons learned with other coastal managers. 







Publication Date: December 2010

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