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The Colorado Resiliency Resource Center is an innovative online platform that offers guidance on resilience for local government agencies, elected officials, community organizations, and members of the private sector. It is one way that Colorado’s Resiliency Office, housed within the state’s Department of Local Affairs “supports and helps empower Colorado communities” as they prepare for the effects of climate change. Information is classified into three sections related to understanding, planning, and taking action for resilience. Users can explore each of these sections to find additional resources.

Understand - Focuses on increasing understanding of the importance of resiliency planning, how resilience creates better communities, and actions to create resilient communities - such as resilient frameworks and community involvement.

Planning - Provides municipalities with resources, such as templates, that enable local governments to create resiliency plans and policies. This section also includes information about plan maintenance after specific projects are completed, and when planning documents should be updated. The section offers insight into how communities may define success in achieving climate-related goals and objectives by including the state's Resiliency Framework indicators.

Act - Features case studies, tools, and recommended design standards that exemplify “resiliency in action.” These examples come from local governments, as well as state agencies.

In addition to these sections, “Colorado’s Resiliency Story” is also included in the resource center. The story map outlines the state’s challenges, shifting demographics, and history of natural disasters through maps, graphs, and images of the state’s natural beauty.


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