Connecticut Public Act No. 08-98, Substitute House Bill No 5600

Public Act No. 08-98, An Act Concerning Global Warming Solutions, took effect on October 1, 2008 and set greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals for the State of Connecticut. Section 7 of this Act calls for the Governor's Steering Committee on Climate Change to create a sub-committee to (1) assess the impacts of climate change on state and local infrastructure, public health, and natural resources and habitats; (2) develop recommendations and plans that would enable state and local government to adapt to such impacts; and (3) provide technical assistance to implement recommendations and plans.

A report by the sub-committee was required for the Steering Committee by the end of 2009, providing its assessment of current state and private programs and research concerning the projected climate change impacts on the state's infrastructure, natural resources and ecological habitats, public health, and agriculture.

Another report by the sub-committee to the Governor and the General Assembly was required by July 1, 2010, with the sub-committee's final assessment results and recommendations. For more information, visit the review of the resulting report "The Impacts of Climate Change on Connecticut Agriculture, Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Public Health" in this clearinghouse. 

Publication Date: June 2, 2008


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