Conservation in a Changing Climate - Land Trust Resilience Toolbox

The Land Trust Alliance Conservation in a Changing Climate toolbox offers technical guidance for building resiliency and adaptation measures into land trust conservation plans. The website offers an extensive library of information and resources for land trusts to learn about landscape level climate change impacts, adaptation planning and climate resilient management practices.

The web toolbox offers guidance on planning, assessments, climate adaptation and resilience strategies, mitigation solutions, and climate change communication: 

Get Started - Plan: offers guidance on vulnerability assessments, scenario building, adaptive management, adaptive easements, and strategic conservation planning. 

Get Started - Adapt: provides examples of adaptation approaches for managing agricultural, coastal, and forest lands as well as mountainous, desert, grassland, and shrubland habitats. 

Build Resilience: describes why climate resilience is important to land trusts. This section also includes a climate resilience guide for land conservation developed by the Open Space Institute: “Conserving Nature in a Changing Climate.”

Natural Climate Solutions: discusses ways that conservation, restoration, and improved management practices of forests, wetlands, grasslands and agricultural lands can lead to large reductions in carbon emissions, harnessing the great potential of these natural landscapes to sequester and store carbon. Such solutions also improve ecosystem resilience which in turn helps communities better adapt to changing climatic conditions.

Communications: presents research-based recommendations and best practices for talking about climate change. 

Adaptation-focused case studies from land trusts throughout the country, links to climate adaptation plans, and other resources are also provided.


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