Cost of Carbon Pollution Project

The Cost of Carbon Pollution is a joint project of the Environmental Defense Fund, the Institute for Policy Integrity, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

According to the U.S. government’s official estimate of the “social cost of carbon,” the public pays $37 every time a ton of carbon pollution is sent into the atmosphere. This calculation is based on climate-related risks to agriculture, forestry, health, and other sectors – but according to this project, the real cost of carbon pollution is much more than $37 because expensive problems like droughts, higher food prices, lost fisheries, and some extreme weather that are left out of the government’s calculation. For example, storm surge damages from a hurricane such as Hurricane Sandy are not included in this price tag.  

The Cost of Carbon Pollution project will first collect research papers related to the economics of carbon pollution. In this process, the missing risks of climate change will be determined – in order to ask the government to update the official “cost of carbon” to include them.

Publication Date: 2014

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