Dane County, Wisconsin Climate Change and Emergency Preparedness Plan

In March of 2013, the Dane County Climate Change Action Council was created with the mission of ensuring that the Dane County government is better prepared for weather extremes brought on by global climate change. To support their mission and prepare this report, the Council facilitated an internal review of preparations and potential modifications to the county’s operations and capital investments. Based on the internal review, this report identifies potential vulnerabilities to climate change, and provides sector based adaptation strategies.

The report addresses climate impacts for public health, public safety and emergency management, infrastructure and facilities, and Dane County lakes. The climate related risks within each sector are detailed and each are followed by “near term adaptations," as well as methods for preparing for projected adaptations through planning and mitigation. 

Three additional resiliency strategies are introduced which include: Collaborating for Security, Corridors of Sustainability, and Resilient Watersheds Partnerships: 

  • The ‘Collaborating for Security’ strategy would aim to further coordinate emergency response and communications capacity, share information and technology with partners, and deepen collaborations on public safety strategies with other departments and governments.
  • ‘Corridors of Sustainability’ addresses county-wide coordination to strengthen infrastructure resiliency, which specifically will include integrated water management, energy efficiency, and ways to protect public health from climate change impacts.
  • ‘Resilient Watershed Partnerships’ is a collaborative strategy to engage watershed partners and the agricultural community by coordinating restoration of important ecosystem functions to prevent agricultural runoff and flooding, and by developing a resilient local food system.


On September 30, 2013 Dane County presented its 2014 budget, which includes a $1 million allocation for infrastructure upgrades to prepare for some of the impacts anticipated from climate change in Wisconsin. Adaptation measures included in the 2014 budget include updates to culverts that handle storm water and the creation of an emergency sandbag fund for potential floods.


Publication Date: October 2013

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