DC Public Service Commission MEDSIS Initiative, Customer Impact Working Group

The District of Columbia Public Service Commission’s (DCPSC) establishment of the Customer Impact Working Group within the Modernizing the Energy Delivery System for Increased Sustainability (MEDSIS) initiative is a replicable example of how utility commissions are working to invite equitable input in grid modernization efforts. DCPSC initiated the MEDSIS initiative as a means of making the energy delivery system more sustainable, reliable, efficient, cost effective, and interactive for District customers. DCPSC approved the establishment of six working groups to elicit input from a diverse range of stakeholders in order to address key issues related to modernizing the District’s energy delivery system. The Customer Impact Working Group is examining how grid modernization efforts may impact various customers, including exploring questions of customer equity, data protection and privacy, consumer protection, and low- and limited-income customer inclusion. This Working Group will produce recommendations aimed at ensuring that all customers benefit from grid modernization efforts.

The MEDSIS working groups are designed to foster collaborative dialogues between all interested stakeholders. Working groups are open to any interested participants and include a variety of stakeholders, such as community groups, environmental organizations, developers, technical experts, other District agencies and any affected industries. Through the process, stakeholders  are given the opportunity to propose how the DCPSC should address the goals identified for the specific working groups. Meetings consist of interactive conversations and targeted exercises intended to help the group develop recommendations and meet the stated group objectives.  

Publication Date: 2018

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