Establishing the Washington Coastal Marine and Marine Resources Advisory Councils (2013-14 ESB 5603)

Effective July 28, 2013 under Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Engrossed Senate Bill 5603 established a Coastal Marine Advisory Council and a Marine Resources Advisory Council. The Coastal Marine Advisory Council was created to be a forum for discussing a variety of coastal water issues and to provide recommendations to the governor and legislature on coastal waters resource management issues. The Marine Resources Advisory Council was created to focus more specifically on issues of ocean acidification and provide recommendations to the governor and legislature of actions to reduce the effects and sources of ocean acidification. Both councils include a variety of members such as representatives from state government, private industry, nongovernmental organizations, and federal and tribal government. Both Advisory Councils were convened for initial meetings in Fall 2013.

ESB 5603 requires the Coastal Marine Advisory Council to provide recommendations on coastal resource management issues, such as resource management, fisheries, shellfish aquaculture, and ocean energy. Annual recommendations regarding spatial planning expenditures and projects are required, along with principles and standards for new coastal uses, data gaps and research needs, development and implementation of coastal goals and strategies, and cross-boundary coastal issues. In doing so, the Council is to consider Washington’s Ocean Action Plan, adopted in 2006, and the “protection and preservation of existing sustainable uses for current and future generations.”

The Marine Resources Advisory Council builds off of the efforts of Washington’s previous entity dedicated to ocean acidification, the Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification, which developed its recommendations in November 2012. In addition to developing recommendations on ocean acidification, the new council is directed to work with the University of Washington to study the effects and sources of ocean acidification, to seek funding to implement recommendations, and to increase cross-jurisdictional collaboration and public education and outreach related to impacts and contributions to ocean acidification.


Publication Date: July 28, 2013

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