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Extrema Paris Heat Map: The EXTREMA Project—funded primarily by the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid of the European Commission—is a mobile application that alerts its users if there is a high health risk in a certain area due to extreme heat, and directs the user to the nearest cooling facility or installation. To determine this health risk, the application uses real-time data regarding temperature, humidity, and discomfiture for every square kilometer, which is updated every five minutes, and evaluates the risk to an individual user based on their personalized health information. Based on the user’s location, the application then alerts the user to the nearest locations that can help them escape the heat, which can include tunnels, museums, parks, river banks, libraries, and more. Each of these locations are graded according to the relative coolness they will provide in comparison to the surrounding area.

Because extreme temperatures are a cause of excess morbidity and mortality, the EXTREMA service provides real time condition updates during an ongoing event to alert users about extreme temperatures that can result in heat related illnesses, and to notify where these users can go to escape the heat.

The service includes various useful features to guide users to safety during extreme weather events:

  • Your Risk: Through the mobile app, users receive a personalized heat stress risk alert for their current location and recommendations on measures that can be taken to reduce risk.
  • Cooling Centers: The EXTREMA app provides navigation information, by foot or transit, to the nearest cooling center.
  • Multiple Profiles: The app supports multiple users, allowing a person to check on others’ safety and to review their extreme temperature risk estimation.
  • Satellite Based: City authorities will receive real-time images/maps of extreme temperature hazards across the city.
  • Next Day Alerts: City authorities will get a one day advance alert for expected extreme temperatures to ensure a warning for necessary response and management.
  • City Dashboard: Cities will have access to a city-specific information management tool for cooling centers, including the ability to change opening hours, capacity, contact information, and add more centers in a particular area.

EXTREMA has been launched in Athens, Greece; Paris, France; Mallorca, Spain; Milan, Italy; and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The service has a consortium of partners, including: National Observatory of Athens; National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; University of Oulu, Aratos Systems; AnySolution S.C.; City of Athens; and Law and Internet Foundation.


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