Farming in a Changing Climate

The State of Maryland predicts growing economic uncertainty in agriculture, the state’s largest commercial industry, due to climate change. Published by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, this brochure summarizes climate change related risks for the agriculture sector and potential adaptation strategies. For example, increased temperatures and precipitation variability could translate into greater production costs, as farmers may require additional water for irrigation, or more frequent pest treatments. Sea-level rise may lead to loss in farmland, while more frequent extreme weather events may increase crop damage. Meanwhile, drought conditions could reduce crop yields and dry grasses upon which grazing animals feed.  

Some of the agriculture-specific adaptation strategies proposed within the brochure include:

  • Improving energy efficiency of animal housing
  • Diversifying crop types
  • Investing in techniques to promote water use efficiency
  • Improving pest forecasting

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  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources


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