Florida Sea Level Scenario Sketch Planning Tool for Transportation Planning

Developed by researchers at the University of Florida and funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), this report details the development of a Sea Level Scenario Sketch Planning Tool for assessing vulnerabilities of transportation facilities to sea level rise. This planning framework builds off of previous FDOT-funded research that was conducted in 2012 by Florida Atlantic University, and is detailed in the report Development of a Methodology for the Assessment of Sea Level Rise Impacts on Florida’s Transportation Modes and Infrastructure. The tool is intended for statewide and regional use to indicate potentially vulnerable infrastructure, and the data output from the tool is designed to be compatible with existing FDOT decision-making processes and systems.

The planning tool utilizes Geographic Information System (GIS) software to allow users to visualize, using a map viewer, areas that will potentially be inundated due to sea level rise and transportation facilities potentially at risk from inundation. The map shows potential inundation at 20-year intervals ranging from the years 2040 to 2100, under three different sea level rise scenarios developed using the US Army Corps of Engineers sea level change projection methodology. It also offers the ability to generate reports that summarize the information and attributes of potentially vulnerable infrastructure to help infrastructure managers prioritize assets. 

The tool also includes a Sea Level Change Inundation Surface Calculator, which allows users to customize inundation maps by choosing from different sea level rise projections, decades, tide stations, and Digital Elevation Model layers, which allow for viewing potential vulnerabilities at a higher resolution.

The development of this tool helped implement actions recommended in the previous 2012 report by FAU, as well as objectives and strategies detailed in the 2060 Florida Transportation Plan (see separate resource entry) related to increasing the resilience of transportation infrastructure and developing decision support tools to better integrate climate change considerations into infrastructure investment decisions.



Publication Date: September 2013

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