Florida Senate Resolution 1572

On March 5, 2020, the Florida Senate passed a resolution expressing its support for adopting policies to prepare the state for climate change impacts, such as sea-level rise and flooding. In the resolution, the senate also recognizes the importance of resilient infrastructure in “fortifying” the state from those impacts.

Through the resolution, the senate notes that over 1,300 miles of the state’s coastline is at low elevation, that three-quarters of the population lives on or near the coast, and that the population accounts for a major portion of Florida’s economic output. The senate suggests that Florida “would benefit from the development of an established estimated consensus projection of anticipated sea-level rise and flooding impacts . . . in developing future projects, plans, and programs.” This part of the resolution seems to imply that a more consistent and streamlined position from the state on sea-level rise and flooding, and how to address those impacts, will enable Florida to become more resilient.

The senate also provides that climate change should be combated and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduced by further developing clean and renewable energy as well as more electric vehicle charging stations.

For these reasons, the Florida Senate expressed its intent to adopt resilient infrastructure as well as clean and renewable energy policies to put the state in a better position to adapt to and mitigate climate change.

Publication Date: March 5, 2020

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