Future San Francisco Bay Tidal Marshes: A Climate‐Smart Planning Tool

Point Blue Conservation Science has developed a mapping tool for the San Francisco Bay Estuary that generates projections for sea level rise, marsh elevations and bird distributions.

The tool is the first to provide spatially explicit projections of marsh elevation and bird distributions throughout the Estuary. The maps demonstrate how sea level rise may change the extent of tidal marsh habitat and bird species distribution over the next 100 years.

The maps cover the entire Estuary allowing for analysis at multiple spatial scales, and the maps are created at a high spatial resolution using the best available elevation data. Point Blue generated a series of scenarios to provide a range of projections to address the uncertainty in future rates of sea-level rise and suspended sediment availability. The models behind these maps are the first to take into account the ability of marshes to accrete, or keep up with, rising sea levels, in the San Francisco Bay Estuary.






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