Future Sea Level Rise and the New Jersey Coast

This study presents an assessment of potential impacts of sea level rise on the New Jersey coast.  Using historical flood data, digital elevation models, and climate change projections, the authors found that sea level rise will submerge 1-3% of coastal lands, and 6.5-9% of coastal land will be affected by periodic flooding.  The study looks at Cape May Point as a case study for potential impacts on socioeconomic and natural resources that would be relevant to other coastal areas.  Finally, the authors broadly identify a gradual retreat strategy for adaptation.

Sea level rise was computed using 7.5 minute digital elevation models with 10 m horizontal resolution. The models were acquired from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Geographic Information Systems which were originally obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS, 2000; NJ DEP BGIS, 2004).

Publication Date: June 2005

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  • Matthew J.P. Cooper
  • Michael D. Beevers
  • Michael Oppenheimer

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  • Princeton University


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  • Assessment

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