Impacts of Climate Change in Flood Frequency Analysis for Transportation Design in Alaska

This study addresses whether or not current flood frequency estimates for south-central Alaska adequately characterize true flood occurrences given limited observational data, the influence of natural climate variability on extreme events, and potential climate change. The research is intended to lead to the understanding of regional hydrology while resulting in the least total cost for this aspect of transportation infrastructure in Alaska.

The study, referred to as T2-08-17, is just one of the research projects summarized in the "Tri-Annual Report 2008-2010: Facilitating Continuous Success of Alaska's Transportation Infrastructure" by the Research Development and Technology Transfer of the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities. This is one of the "Active State Funded AUTC Projects," which has been completed.

Full research reports are supposed to be available in the state's DOT online research library at: However, this particular study was not available at the time of this entry. You may contact the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities in Fairbanks, Alaska at (907) 451-5321 for more information.

Publication Date: July 2010

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  • Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities


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  • Assessment

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  • Flooding
  • Permafrost melt
  • Precipitation changes

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