Integrated Strategies for a Vibrant and Sustainable Fresno County, California

This ClimateWise report provides climate change adaptation strategies that were developed by local leaders and experts in Fresno County, California, during a series of workshops in 2009-2010. Workshop participants considered both climate change impacts and local vulnerabilities while developing a suite of recommendations for increasing local resilience across sectors and communities. These recommendations are focused on socioeconomic systems including health and emergency preparedness, agriculture, and water resources and infrastructure, as well as species and ecosystems specifically within freshwater aquatic and riparian, woodlands and forests, and valley floor grasslands and semi-desert ecosystems.  The anticipated climate impacts are delineated by sector and habitat type, and each is followed by related stakeholder recommended strategies.


This report considers the populations that will face disproportionate impacts from climate change. It notes that outdoor workers, elderly, and infants may be more prone to heat-related stresses. Low-income people may struggle with food insecurity if changing temperatures and drought threaten agriculture. Climate change may also lead to increased demands on emergency and social services, especially if increased stress from temperature and water impact mental health.

Within Fresno, some of the most vulnerable are those who work in agriculture. Workshop participants suggested that increased climate training for farmers, better crop diversity, and support for local farm-to-institution programs could help protect agriculture.

Three global climate models were used in this report to provide a possible range of future conditions.  The model outputs were obtained from the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station and analyzed and mapped by scientists at the Geos Institute.

ClimateWise is a program of the non-profit Geos Institute. It is a process that helps local communities work across sectors to develop science-based, collaborative, and ecologically-sound adaptation strategies for both natural and human communities. The Fresno County Climate Change Adaptation Planning project was one of a series of pilot projects intended to help develop and refine the ClimateWise process. The Local Government Commission and Susanne Moser Consulting were partners on the project.



Publication Date: March 2011

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  • Marni E. Koopman
  • Kate Meis
  • Judy Corbett

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